Baron Dave Romm (barondave) wrote in marscondementia,
Baron Dave Romm

Shockwave Radio 3/17/07: Marscon haul II

Playlist for Shockwave Radio Theater 3/17/07:

Station ID, intro, divers promos for Eric Coleman at Tillie's Bean and forward announcing.

First set: The con experience. Live recordings, some from Marscon 2007
You Just Might Be A Trekkie (Marscon 2005) by the great Luke Ski -- live!
Sequence of live recordings, comprising:
..Shockwave promo from Eric Coleman
..Shockwave promo from Rick Gellman
..Shockwave promo from Jolene Hardy
..What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone by Carla Ulbrich (live)
..Shockwave promo from Eric Heideman
..LiveJournal from Eric Coleman (live)
..Shockwave promo from Ed Eastman
Dave Romm interview with Ray Norton, promoting the Wisconsin Science Fiction Museum (room party, Marscon 2007)

Break: back announce, station id, banter between Baron Dave and Brian Westley

Second Set: The con experience, this year and next
(A Cheese That's Real) Not Fade Away by Art Paul Schlosser
The House Made of Underpants by Hot Waffles (Marscon 2008 GoH)
Shockwave promo from Adam English (Marscon 2007 GoH)

End: Back announce, promo for Marscon 2008, banter, intro to Caribbean Jam (reggae show on next), Station ID, musicians as semi-prozines

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